In partnership with College Unbound and Rhode Island School for Progressive Education, the Equity Institute is proud to announce its inaugural class of EduLead Fellows. This class features 15 teacher assistants and support professionals committed to attaining their bachelor’s degree and teacher certification.

The EduLead Fellowship helps K-12 teacher assistants and non-certified, school-based professionals attain their college degree and teaching certification on their path to becoming classroom educators with long-term impact. The program leverages a cohort model to provide training, development, and support for Fellows on their path towards establishing an impactful teaching career. EduLead Fellows have deep experience working with young people across RI. Fellows are high potential teaching candidates from primarily historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Major shifts in education due to the global pandemic are being forecasted to show the potential for a mass exodus of educators and an exacerbation of racial disparities in educational outcomes. Research suggests that teachers could retire in large numbers as schools reopen. This would create a significant number of teacher vacancies. Research also suggests that when taught by a teacher of color, students of color experience higher reading and math test scores, higher graduation rates, decreased dropout and discipline rates, and increased enrollment in advanced courses. The EduLead Fellowship is a direct response to these issues.

The inaugural class of EduLead Fellows includes:

  • Angel Soares, Providence Public Schools
  • Colleen Miller, Providence Public Schools
  • Courtney Price, Providence Public Schools
  • Dennisse Grullon, Providence Public Schools
  • Jeanette Batista
  • Jimmy Hiraldo, Highlander Charter School
  • Judiean Polanco, Providence Public Schools
  • Juliana Zapata Osorio, Central Falls School District
  • Karla Castillo, YMCA Heritage Park Universal Pre-K
  • Ligia Dos Reis, Providence Public Schools
  • Lorena Ramirez, Providence Public Schools
  • Marielba Pena, Highlander Charter School
  • Reyna Ramirez, Providence Public Schools
  • Rosie Salguero, Providence Public Schools
  • Ruth Machie, Meeting Street School

To learn more about the EduLead Fellowship and how it works, check out our article titled, “How to Recruit and Develop a More Racially and Linguistically Diverse Educators.” If you’re interested in supporting this program, explore ways to give on our website at https://theequityinstitute.org/donate/.