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Transforming Communities Through Collective Action.

About Us

We’re working to develop innovative systems that cultivate antiracist, people-centered communities for all learners.

We’re here to provide people serving students with information and education to improve their leadership practices.

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Equity Institute members attending an event

“We believe great design can support communities in understanding the meaning and implementation of equitable practices and policies.”

How We Do It


Learning and Development

We work directly with schools, organizations, and communities to develop and implement antiracist strategies to advance equitable learning outcomes for all students.


We engage in research, analysis, consultation, and synthesis of information to produce thoughts, ideas, and practical approaches that advocate for and promote antiracist policies and practices in the education system.

Coalition Building

We convene BIPOC teachers, administrators, professionals, and community members to support and cultivate meaningful, cross-sectoral interactions that promote and support the development of antiracist educators, schools and educational communities.


An Evolving Definition of Educational Equity

Educational Equity requires solutions that are designed specifically to reflect individual and community needs.

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Introducing our Newest Equity Architects

Over the past three months, Equity Institute has added three additional team members to help evolve and grow our work.

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“Equality is giving everyone a pair of shoes, equity is giving everyone a pair of shoes that fits.”

Enid Lee

Everyone has their own fit

Equity Infographic
Equality Infographic

Strategy Emblem

Strategy emblem

The image of a network of threads on our logo represents mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. Like the Equity Institute, mycelium functions as a system that connects roots together and relies on trust to build and support the well-being of the entire ecosystem it represents so that its foundation is grounded and sustainable.