Policy Project

Reimagining what new systems can look like requires systemic change. Policies are Rhode Island Education Policy Project (RIEPP) This project focuses on establishing a comprehensive education policy platform that promotes the development of a more racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse education workforce.  This policy platform will also make recommendations to support and better prepare educators to effectively work with all students and improve the educational outcomes of students from historically underserved communities.  The overarching objective of this project would be to assist in conducting research and producing four policy memos and issue briefs that will dictate the direction of our policy initiatives.

Main Question

What policy recommendations will help promote the development of a more racially, culturally, and linguistically education workforce and support educators, in general, in becoming more culturally responsive?

  • What is the current state of educator diversity in Rhode Island?  What data is available? What initiatives already exist to promote educator diversity?  What type of initiatives may be needed?
  • How does RIDE’s Updates to Educator Preparation, Employment, & Professional Learning Regulations promote a more prepared and diverse education workforce?  How will they implement these new updates?
  • How can we best address some of the barriers to building a more prepared, diverse education workforce?