Empowering Teachers and Leaders
as Designers of Their Communities

We believe great design can support communities in understanding the meaning and implementation of equitable practices and policies.

Our labs are focused on using innovative design experiences to increase empathy and promote culturally responsive and equitable learning communities. We’re reimagining diversity, equity and inclusion training to empower educators and leaders as designers in creating sustainable change for their districts, schools, and organizations.

Learning Labs

Learning experiences to explore and develop an understanding of equity in education and culturally responsive teaching and how it supports the academic and social development of all learners. This workshop is ideal for beginning to understand basic terms and developing a common language.

Design & Innovation Labs

Learning experiences to explore the Culturally Responsive framework. Participants are empowered to redesign their practice as educational leaders by examining how their choices can promote equitable and culturally responsive practices and policies.

Design Team

12-month participatory experience where individuals work as teams to design equity-based solutions to systemic issues. Equity Design Teams meet throughout the year to learn about design thinking, engage in meaningful inquiry, develop equitable and culturally responsive practices and proactively create and test replicable solutions.


means every learner has access to opportunities that are aligned with their needs and support their academic and social emotional success

We assert that equity in education resembles a system in which:

  • Group identities (race, ethnicity, gender, religion, class, sexuality) are empowering and essential components in reaching educational potential.
  • Social circumstances (housing, healthy food, access to quality health care, safe neighborhoods) are organized in ways that support the well-being of all learners.
  • Public policy and laws promote equitable outcomes in education (e.g. fair funding, culturally relevant curriculum mandates, pipelines for people of color).