Root Cause Equity Analysis

A Data-driven Process, straight from the people.

We believe that transforming systems requires collective action and a deep evaluation of the systemic inequities that exist in our education system. We are on a mission to support school districts to unearth the root causes of your district’s equity gaps.

Our Root Cause Equity Analysis (RCEA) is a comprehensive, community-centered process that assesses a district’s diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices. We engage a wide range of community members to hear different ways people describe their perceptions, experiences, and hopes associated with their school district. Our goal is to build awareness to galvanize school and district stakeholders for collective action. Ultimately, we believe knowledge drives collective action that leads to policies and practices that raise historically silenced voices, shift the imbalance of power and privilege, and promotes equitable outcomes for all learners.

Participants smile and discuss identities

Discover & Design

Discover district needs and goals. Design instruments, create sample design and outline clear project scope.

Connect & Refine

Facilitate a community feedback session that includes at least 2-3 members from each stakeholder group. This collaborative effort ensures that the methods used are reliable and valid.

Collect & Analyze

Raw data is organized, interpreted, structured and presented into useful information that provides context to determine patterns, relationships and trends.

Report & Present

Generate a report that includes recommendations and strategic actions for intentional change within the district.

Partner with Us

Join a growing community of educators, leaders, and advocates committed to promoting racial equity and diversity in their schools and communities.