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"Equity" is in our name, but this work isn't ours alone. We can all advocate for equitable policies & practices in our communities.

Mission: Equity Institute develops and implements innovative solutions for building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and professional environments.

Vision: We envision an anti-racist education system that recognizes identity and human connection as central to the process of teaching and learning where all young people build the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the world.

The Equity Institute will help schools improve the educational outcomes of students, eliminate racial gaps in academic achievement, and foster a positive self-image for students from historically marginalized communities.

We believe great design can support communities in understanding the meaning and implementation of equitable practices and policies.

We’re reimagining diversity, equity and inclusion training to empower educators and leaders.

How We Do It:


We work directly in schools and communities to develop and implement culturally responsive strategies that will advance their equity goals.


We engage in research, analysis, consultation and synthesis of the information to produce policy recommendations for equity in our education system.


We empower networks to advocate for equity within the education system.

Strategy Emblem


Like the Equity Institute, mycelium functions as a system that connects roots together and relies on trust to build and support the well-being of the entire ecosystem it represents so that its foundation is grounded and sustainable. The image of a network of threads shown throughout specific spaces on our website represents mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus that functions as a system that connects roots together for the well being of the entire organism.


Everyone has their own fit.

"Equality is giving everyone a pair of shoes, equity is giving everyone a pair of shoes that fits."

-Enid Lee